The game LOLBeans it is the mainstay of famous TV shows like: Takeshi Castle, This is a Knockout, Ninja Warrior. Try to play as marmalade to win in-line races. Your goal is to get to the line first, then be the one to show everyone who is King in this game! It is played live with real people from various regions of the world. An easy and fascinating multiplayer game that consists of many rounds where the slowest players are eliminated slowly. In the end, just one winner is chosen and wins the crown!

What is the best way to play? Make it to the finish line ahead of the other players and advance into the following round. Beware of obstacles, stay clear of traps, and don't get lost in the darkness. Survive the chaos, beat your opponents and be first in the final round! Pick a name and color for the character. game: players who fail to finish are eliminated on each map. You will be the winner at the end and get an award. Best of luck on the course! is a great game in which you race and fight others to finish the race. It is a great way to dodge, weave and leap over the obstacles in order to getting pushed aside by other players. With adorable graphics, numerous servers and regions with a solid group behind it as well as a variety of challenges and levels It's enjoyable to play.

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