Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a sequel to the well-known world-building puzzle game in which players can be an author of their own world. Mix basic natural elements to uncover new building blocks, make ever more intricate objects, and make entire civilizations a reality! Are you up to this kind of task?

The gameplay and layout are similar to this game. The game has a large screen of space, and there is an extra panel on the right side where all of the building blocks are. Drag and drop as many of them as you like onto the main field in any order you want to play and see which are compatible. For instance, in order to make an explosion, you're likely require mixing air with earth, that will create dust, and then add sparks to create gunpowder, and then add more fire to explode things! Every new item, element or concept you find can be added to the panel for crafting and is stored online, meaning you don't have repeat the process repeatedly.

The possibilities are endless and The possibilities are endless and My Little Alchemy 2 comes with additional blocks that are compatible with each other that you can play around with. It is the ultimate crafting game everybody should be playing!

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