Gun Blood Western Shootout gunfight duelling game. Make yourself the most fearsome gunslinger by taking down all the opponents at your side. Gun Blood tests your reflexes against nine computer-controlled opponents in western gunfights. You can try to become the fastest cowboy gunner with this Western shootout video game. GunBlood challenges your reflexes to nine computer opponents in one-on-1 gunfights, and comes with four extra rounds. High scores are scored in accordance with speed, accuracy and how long you've got at the end of each game. In each round both the computer and player opponent will each have 6 shots. When both participants are healthy, and there aren't any shots are left the game will end with a draw and will be played again. For the four bonuses, players' aim is to hit the targeted objects and not the opponent. There's a bonus round two rounds of gunfights.

Controls / How To Play:

1.) Choose "Start Game" and then select one character from the choose screen.
2.) Start the game by placing a touch point on the barrel of your gun in the lower left-hand corner on the game's screen.
3.) Touch point has to remain above the barrel throughout the countdown, or else the game will stop.
4.) Once the countdown is at "FIRE," click to shoot and aim.

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