Lordz Io 2

Welcome to the enchanting universe of Middle Ages! You are now plunged into the realm of magic and battles and be the ultimate conqueror. Lordz2.io is the second component of the well-known multi-player game Lordz.io, where you'll again be battling in the fight for land and power. Your opponents will be gamers from across the globe. It's an incredible spectacle! To begin the game it is necessary to select your location and then enter a username. To be able to enjoy the full benefits of the game, you must sign up. After registration, you are able to play the game to the maximum.

What is the best way to play? Once you have located yourself in the map, attempt to avoid the enemies and gather gold coins. They're scattered across the entire map, and you are able to accumulate a substantial amount in a relatively short period of time. In the beginning you'll be able to afford the first castle. It will be built within a matter of minutes, however building other structures will require some time. In time, you'll be able to construct an actual fortress, complete with watchtowers and solid walls.

You'll be able to purchase various buildings that opens up a variety of advantages for you. For instance, if you purchase a lair you'll gain access to dragons and trolls. You can also open it by building an academy you can open it to healers and magicians. Additionally, gold coins are ideal for purchasing and pumping troops. You can build a massive army that is able to take on any adversary. Amazing battles and amazing victories are in store for you!

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