Fly Or Die

Fly Or Die is a continuously evolving game. At the beginning of the game as tiny and flimsy and eating everything to grow and develop. Develop into the strongest animal and live to the fullest. Be sure to keep a safe distance from your enemies in nature, since every stage of development is a target for predators to beware of to not be eaten by someone else. Be sure to evaluate your particular skill as you develop and it could be beneficial in the event of need!

Consume green-outlined food items and animals. Animals that have a red outline are not recommended because they can eat your flesh! You'll be fighting with hundreds of players So be active and eat regularly. Be aware of the water supply as you'll require enough to sustain yourself. You can try to murder people as they eat food. Remember that you have the option of hiding within the sky or in plants. Food intake is good for your health.
There are mythological creatures cosmic beings, as well as the undead after you've dealt with the normal creatures. Grim reapers are at the highest level in the chain of food, and targets victims with the sword.

Fly Or Die is a collection of biomes. Each is distinct and has its own unique environment. Each area will have its own unique predators, so don't be afraid to look around the map to see what's there.

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