Bonk io - multiplayer bouncing balls game. It's a well-known games, and is one of the hundreds of well-known .io games. This is a easy and fun multiplayer game where you compete against your opponents in a full-on battle royale. This game allows you to play up to 8 players simultaneously. The player is able to fight his foes and friends from any part of the world.

You are given an object and compete against other players on the internet The player who is the last to finish the round or the level. The player with the highest score wins. levels is the winner of the game. If you quit early from a level, you'll be able to make you will automatically move on with the other players. It's difficult enough to stand on the stage, and the platforms are moving in a chaotic manner as the enemy is trying to clear of players. Be prepared to face all obstacles, challenges or traps, and make it through this world called physics -pong!

To play the Bonk Io you will need the arrow keys to move your game character. Also, hold the X keys to help make you heavier than other players. To gain momentum, you need to be a bit heavier. In the process, you will hit your enemies and it'll be impossible for their to force you. They won't be able to push away from you. If you are looking to win, you must push your opponents into the limits. The person who is the last to survive takes the title. The best strategy for is to place yourself in a strategic way and staying clear of an attack could be more effective than smashing into your foes.

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