Blob Io is a great multiplayer game with the ability to eat cells. The game is based on the incredibly popular and well-known Agar game that launched the entire genre. The game begins with a tiny space and must move across the map in order to increase your size. You can grow by eating colored objects that are scattered around the playing field. Take on opponents as you grow larger than them and take on your own Blob arena!

The game is really enjoyable. However, it does have some major issues. Sometimes, the screen will freeze and you lose control of your blob, and it wanders in a haze. Most of the time, you throw random. Each throw you make, you'll keep throwing until you're out of space. The game can be addictive There are a few inappropriate skins to play with. The chatroom isn't very controlled. You can yell when you break the words, or make abbreviations, and then add alphabets to words. The practice of bullying is commonplace during this sport. You must be minimum 12 years of age to participate, because of language and skins that are inappropriate. This is an internet-based game. It is important to ensure that your child understands not to share details. Certain people play the game in a way that they use to create a relationship site. The method of play is to devour smaller players than you. It requires a lot of patience and a lot of. You will need to login to Facebook or Google to access different levels, cool skins and boosters. Your photo will be seen publicly. The game is a source of off-game hyperlinks. Overall, it's an excellent game in itself however, patience is very crucial, due to glitches, lags and manufacturing issues.

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