Google Feud

Are you looking to test your skills with Google Feud, a clever version that plays the game of Family Feud using the autocomplete feature that is available in Google search results? There's no need to be confronted by Steve Harvey. This game can be played in at the convenience of your own home and, as a benefit, you won't require the help of four others playing with you to play with you.

Google Feud, which isn't endorsed by or associated or associated with Google and Family Feud according to the individuals who recently released it(Opens within a brand new tab) upon an unsuspecting world. You begin by selecting the appropriate category from among four options: culture people names, questions, and names. The game on the web then provides the player a prompt that will ask you to consider the ways Google would normally be able to autocomplete the question.

We chose, for instance, the category of culture and got the message, "giraffes are. Our first thought? Tall. They are tall. Unfortunately, not many of people are seeking out that simple fact, since it's not on the top 10 list of autocomplete responses. The result: We received the first of three red Xs that could end the game.

Try to make the case that giraffes are amazing However, it was met with far better results. The fifth most-autocompleted answer we received from Google which earned us 6,000 points randomly throughout the process. We finally threw in our guesses and when you have done so, Google Feud ends the round and presents all the answers you could (and did not) receive. (In our instance, we'd not won, as the most popular autocomplete term to describe giraffes is that they're heartless creatures. Ouch.)

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